ReYHAN® SodiRun®

Soil Salinity Corrector

About ReYHAN® SodiRun®

ReYHAN® SodiRun® is the latest solution to solve soil salinity and sodium problems. ReYHAN® SodiRun® is a special formulation of calcium, sulfur and organic acids, which is known in the world as a specialized modifier for saline and sodium soils and has multiple functions to manage soil salinity.

ReYHAN® SodiRun® Advantages

  • reducing soil pH
  • decreasing sodium absorption ratio
  • modification of physical and chemical properties of sodium and sodium saline soils
  • providing important and highly consumed nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium and magnesium
  • reducing leaching of nutrients in the soil
  • increasing the ability to absorb nutrients
  • increasing the level of organic matter and soil fertility
  • increasing the growth and development of beneficial soil microorganism

ReYHAN® SodiRun® Best Usage Practices

ReYHAN® SodiRun® has positive tested results in correcting soil salinity and eliminating calcium deficiency and magnesium. Depending on the type of irrigation, this product’s consumption varies from 20 to 50 liters per hectare.