ReYHAN© Sil-Guard®

A Liquid Source of Potassium and Silica

About ReYHAN© Sil-Guard®

ReYHAN© Sil-Guard® is one of the most common sources of silicon for plants, which contains 22% of silicon and 11% of potassium. Silicon is an unknown element among many farmers, while this element plays a very key role in most of the vital activities of plants and in the last two decades have been considered by leading farmers around the world in the discussion of nutrition as much as macro elements.

ReYHAN© Sil-Guard® Roles

The existing Silicon in ReYHAN© Sil-Guard® makes plants more resistant against many environmental stresses such as physical stress (such as drought, frost, radiation, high temperature, freezing and ultraviolet light) and chemical stress (such as toxicity due to metal elements and Nutrient imbalance). Potassium in ReYHAN© Sil-Guard® also increases the plant’s resistance to living and non-living environmental stresses such as pets, diseases, the cold, dehydration, and salinity, and also improves the skin color of fruits, increases sugar and vitamin C in citrus fruits and makes them delicious.

ReYHAN© Sil-Guard® Benefits and Features

  • high level of soluble and absorbable silicon
  • strengthen pollination, increase the fertility of pollen grains
  • increasing the amount of chlorophyll, improving the process of
  • plant photosynthesis and regulating the growth mechanism
  • stem strength and resistance to stem dormancy and fracture
  • increase plant resistance to pests and diseases
  • increase harvest efficiency and product quality
  • increase the shelf life of fruit
  • plant detoxification due to large amounts of ions    such as aluminum, sodium and manganese
  • this product is especially recommended for plants that are exposed to environmental stresses such as drought, heat, cold and salinity.

ReYHAN© N-pHuric® Best Usage Practice

ReYHAN© Sil-Guard® shows positive results in rice, cucumber, tomato, leafy vegetables, squash and summer vegetables, etc. Usage rate for this product is between 1.5 to 3 liters.