ReYHAN® Pro-CaP®

Calcium Phosphate Solution

About ReYHAN® Pro-CaP®

ReYHAN® Pro-CaP® is the only soluble state of calcium and phosphate together Calcium and Phosphorus are essential and widely used elements in the plant. Phosphorus promotes early maturity, reduces grain moisture and improves crop quality. Lack of supply of phosphorus has many adverse effects on the formation of flowers, seeds, fruits, durability and quality. Calcium plays a vital role in the formation of cell walls and their flexibility, and therefore improves the quality and durability of the fruit; This element, by maintaining and stabilizing plant cells and increasing tissue strength, prevents the occurrence of many physiological diseases in plants and is also effective in the strength and quality of fruit.

Plants can only absorb soluble phosphate ions. However, the two ions of phosphate and calcium, as soon as they are in close proximity to each other in a liquid medium, become insoluble di and tricalcium phosphate and are out of the plant’s reach. For this reason, the simultaneous supply of these two elements is very important for farmers. ReYHAN® has fulfilled this long-standing desire of farmers by overcoming the sedimentary reaction of calcium and phosphorus and supplying ReYHAN® Pro-CaP® (containing a soluble form of the two elements calcium and phosphate).

ReYHAN® Pro-CaP® Roles

  • simultaneous supply of calcium and phosphate to the plant
  • increase the level of photosynthesis
  • stimulate and accelerate rooting
  • increase plant health and strength against pathogens
  • improve the taste and quality and increase the shelf life of the fruit
  • increase protein and crop weight
  • removing clogged nozzles in irrigation systems
  • suitable for calcareous and alkaline soils

ReYHAN® Pro-CaP® Best Usage Practices

ReYHAN® Pro-CaP® has positive results in seed and stone fruit trees such as apples, pears, cherries, olives, potatoes, etc. Its consumption is between 3 to 7 liters per hectare and from 2 to 4 times from the beginning of fruit or tuber formation.