ReYHAN® Pastillated Calcium Nitrate®

Calcium: A Key Element in the Plant Diet

About ReYHAN® Pastillated Calcium Nitrate®

ReYHAN® Pastillated Calcium Nitrate® is a calcium source for plants. After the three most consumed elements, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium and sulfur are the two most consumed elements in plants that have various structural and metabolic roles. Calcium is a key element in a plant’s diet because it is needed at all stages of growth; From its effective role in root growth, to its vital role in the cell wall structure that strengthens and protects the cell against damage and environmental stress as well as pests and diseases, to the undeniable role of calcium in increasing the quality and storage life of fruits and cut flowers. Because calcium is a sedentary element, it needs to be in close proximity to other elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and organic acids or alcoholic sugars in order to be absorbed better and faster by plant cells.

ReYHAN® Pastillated Calcium Nitrate® Roles

ReYHAN® Pastillated Calcium Nitrate® provides the plant with two functional and high-consumption elements at the same time. ReYHAN® Pastillated Calcium Nitrate® is completely soluble in water and has a very high absorption by plants. Timely and correct consumption of this product, in addition to increasing product production, will make the products have a much higher quality and have a good storage life. By including this fertilizer in the plant fertilization program, agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables, maintain their weight and quality for a longer period of time in order to be available to the consumer in a fresher form.

Changes in different seasons and environmental stresses, including temperature stresses (i.e., heat and cold), drought stress, salinity stress, sunburn, pests and diseases and similar cases, always put plants at risk. Farmers will be able to withstand these stresses with a strong diet focused on the timely use of calcium and silicon fertilizers. ReYHAN® Pastillated Calcium Nitrate® is one of the important compounds that plays a key role in the fertilization program.

ReYHAN® Pastillated Calcium Nitrate® Advantages

  • stimulation of rooting
  • increase product color quality
  • increase plant resistance to diseases and pests
  • strength of fruit tissue and increase storage life
  • increase crop quality and increase 1000-grain weight in cereals
  • help better absorb other nutrients through root absorption
  • increased plant tolerance to temperature shocks such as frost and heat
  • increasing the weight and quality of the product, especially cereals, tubular products and onions