ReYHAN® NPStarter®

A Very Strong Stimulus

About ReYHAN® NPStarter®

ReYHAN® NPStarter® is a functional product with three high consumption elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. Accordingly, this product can be used for a wide range of agricultural products (horticultural, agricultural and greenhouse). This product, since it supplies the three main and most consumed elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur, will have a great effect on the germination stage and the beginning of the growing season.

ReYHAN® NPStarter® has unique advantages and properties compared to other phosphorous compounds such as diammonium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, urea phosphate or monopotassium phosphate; Because this product simultaneously contains nitrogen in the form of urea (18%), phosphate (30%), sulfate ion (54%) and is highly acidic (pH <1). On the one hand, this acidic base has a very effective role in the absorption of other nutrients by the plant and on the other hand, it greatly increases the quality of irrigation water. The highly acidic base of ReYHAN® NPStarter® prevents the formation of scale and clogging caused by solutes in irrigation pipes and nozzles. Therefore, ReYHAN® NPStarter®, in addition to being used to improve soil and water as well as plant nutrition, can be used to clean and remove clogging of irrigation nozzles.

ReYHAN® NPStarter® Roles

  • increasing nitrogen fixation capacity in legumes (lentils)
  • role in photosynthesis (energy trapping)
  • enhances plant growth throughout life
  • production of genetic material, proteins and enzymes
  • increase plant resistance to diseases
  • early and uniform growth and maturity of the product
  • strengthening branches and twigs
  • stimulation and evolution of rooting
  • product quality improvement


•          Very strong stimulant of rooting due to the presence of a significant percentage of nitrogen and phosphorus

ReYHAN® NPStarter® Advantages

  • strengthening germination and flowering
  • increasing leaf area and strengthening plant vegetative growth
  • reducing soil and water pH and thus increasing nutrient uptake by plants
  • elimination of hard calcareous crust in the soil as well as reducing sodium salinity
  • increasing the availability of nutrients and thus increasing the quality and quantity of products
  • increased number of tillers and number of seeds per spike as a result of increasing yield
  • maintaining the balance of phosphorus to nitrogen ratio in seed and flowering plants such as medicinal plants and saffron
  • controls some pests and diseases due to the presence of sulfur in the composition
  • eliminating clogging and blockage of nozzles and prevent the formation of deposits in pipes and nozzles
  • ease of use (can be used in low pressure, cortical, sprinkler and flood irrigation systems)
  • ensuring longer life of the irrigation system
  • no need for many acidic compounds and expensive buffers
  • increasing water permeability in soil and help accelerate root development

ReYHAN® NPStarter® Best Usage Practices

ReYHAN® NPStarter® has positive tested results in medicinal plants, oilseeds, vegetables and summer vegetables, pistachios, fruit trees, etc. The consumption of this product varies from 20 to 90 liters per hectare depending on the type of plant.