ReYHAN® N-pHuric® 15/16

Soil & Water Corrector

ReYHAN® N-pHuric® Corrective Role

ReYHAN® N-pHuric® is an extremely acidic compound. The presence of sulfur in the form of sulphate ion (SO4) and its pH below 1, It neutralizes lime and removes hard soil crust. By neutralizing lime, Calcium ion (Ca2+) is freed and enters the solution phase of soil. In the following these ions substitute available sodium ion (Na+) in soil particles and avoids their reconnecting. Under these conditions, the sulfate ion reacts with sodium during a process and, by producing sodium sulfate, causes it to dissolve and leach.

ReYHAN® N-pHuric® Nutritional Role

Plants use nitrogen and sulfur to synthesize amino acids, which are vital precursors in protein production. ReYHAN® N-pHuric® simultaneously contains the absorbable form of these two key elements for plants. Another very important advantage of this product is the special form of nitrogen in its structure. In this product, nitrogen in a special form is placed in a unique structure that prevents the loss of nitrogen in sublimation, and on the other hand, as soon as it enters the soil environment, is provided to the plant roots to take with the lowest leaching coefficient in an absorbable form.

ReYHAN® N-pHuric® Practical Advantages

  • reduce water and soil acidity
  • neutralization of bicarbonate of irrigation water
  • improvement of saline and sodium soils containing lime and reducing soil EC
  • neutralization of lime in the soil, release of calcium and increased uptake of microelements by plants
  • eliminating hard soil crust, increasing soil water permeability and helping better root growth
  • releasing stabilized phosphorus in the soil and making it available to the roots
  • supply of sulfur (16%) and nitrogen (15%) and some micro elements such as zinc, iron, and …
  • ease of use (can be used in low pressure irrigation systems, under pressure and flood irrigation)
  • eliminate clogging and blockage of nozzles and prevent the formation of deposits in the nozzles

ReYHAN® N-pHuric® Best Usage Practice

ReYHAN® N-pHuric® has positive results in pistachios, citrus fruits, Stone fruits, etc. The consumption of this product is between 15 to 30 liters per hectare and in two to three times in the plant growth stages.