ReYHAN® Griffin®

Fast Acting, Long Lasting

About ReYHAN® Griffin®

ReYHAN® Griffin® is a product with a high concentration of calcium, which is enriched by elements such as nitrogen, boron and several other micro elements, which has made it a unique product; In addition to nutrients, in order to increase the efficiency and performance of this product, various other compounds and components such as vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids are placed in a special formula structure that is comparable to the common formulas of liquid calcium fertilizer on the market which makes Griffin distinctive.

Along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium is the fourth most abundant element in all plants; The most important role of calcium in plant cells is its structural role, which means that this element, by being in the structure of the cell wall, creates a strong barrier against environmental stresses, including pests and diseases, as well as temperature shocks. This high-consumption element, in addition to playing a structural role in the cell wall, plays an important role in the structure of some growth-regulating proteins; Which increases the health and storage life of fruits and agricultural products.

One of the salient features of calcium ion is that it has a very slow movement in the sap and is a so-called very lazy element, so in order to accelerate the speed of movement and absorption of this element by plant cells, calcium salts such as nitrate Calcium or calcium acetate is used and always other elements such as magnesium, boron, molybdenum and also some alcoholic sugars accompany this lazy element and the presence of these additives will increase the efficiency of the product many times.

ReYHAN® Griffin® Advangates

  • increased pollination success thus increasing the likelihood of fruit formation
  • reducing the shedding of flowers and young fruits
  • increasing the quality and taste of fruit as well as increasing the shelf life of fruits
  • reducing cracks on the skin of the fruit
  • increased greenness at the canopy level
  • creating optimal absorption conditions even in dry weather conditions
  • increasing plant resistance to pests and diseases