Our Story

The main team of ReYHAN® started its activity from the beginning of 2010 with a multi-faceted investigation of problems in the field of agriculture. From the end of this year, the main focus of our studies was on soil and water salinity correction and we defined a new study phase in this field. After conducting preliminary studies and examining the experiences and solutions proposed at the international level, the laboratory phase began, and in the middle of 2011, the first practical and unique product of us, which later became known under the brand name ReYHAN® N-pHuric®, produced. After two years of deep field studies, and analysis of the results of this product and obtaining positive and satisfactory results from this product, ReYHAN® Agricultural Co. (with official name of ReYHAN Sabz Arman Co.) officially started its activity in the middle of 2013.
ReYHAN® gradually increased the number of products in its product portfolio, but not with the common view among other producers, because we have always been based on the principle and thinking that “products should be offered to the market that meet the REAL NEEDS of the farmers.” Therefore, along the way, we added other products such as SodiRun®, Sil-Guard®, Pro-CaP®, Pastillated Calcium Nitrate®, NPStarter®, Griffin (liquid calcium phosphate), and GAMAMAG® to our product portfolio.

Our Responsibility

Quality and step-by-step support for you, dear customers, is one of the main goals of us


We using the newest knowledge and our research and development team offers the products with a guaranteed quality

Customer Support

We are proud to be able to satisfy the customers with step-by-step support of our products

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