ReYHAN Agricultural Co.

ReYHAN Agricultural Co. as a knowledge-based company started in 2010 with the focus on solving water and soil agricultural problems of Iran. By combining experience and knowledge-edge technologies, clear understanding of customer needs and using experienced staff, ReYHAN Agricultural Co. is now one of the leading companies producing different agricultural fertilizers. Besides producing outstanding products such as N-pHuric, Pro-CaP and SodiRun, research and development team of ReYHAN Agricultural Co. has cooperated with many companies regarding launching new product lines, optimizing quality of products and formulizing specific products.

To see the ReYHAN® products such as N-pHuric®, SodiRun®, Sil-Guard®, Pro-CaP®, Pastillated Calcium Nitrate®, NPStarter®, Griffin® and GAMAMAG® please visit our product page.